In the course of the conference topical problems and the current state of scientific research in the field of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations, local and non-local boundary value problems, fractional analysis, modeling of nonlocal processes and media with memory, equations of state of matter and nanosystems; optimal control, intelligent systems and information security systems.


  1. Boundary value problems for differential equations, related problems in the theory of functions and functional analysis.
    The theory of boundary value problems for partial differential equations of basic and mixed types, the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations, the theory of integral and integro-differential equations, as well as the theory of functions and functional analysis that adjoin the theory of differential equations will be discussed.
  2. Fractional calculus and its application.
    The theory of fractional calculus, the theory of ordinary and partial derivatives of differential equations with operators of fractional and distributed order, the development of numerical methods for fractional differential equations and problems of mathematical physics, as well as the qualitative study of transport and state equations underlying mathematical modeling of heterogeneous medium will be discussed.
  3. Mathematical modeling of nonlocal physical, biological and socio-economic processes.
    Issues related to the modeling of nonlocal physical processes, phenomena of self-organization in environments with fractal structure and memory, natural, biological and socio-economic systems interpreted as fractals are for discussion.
  4. Theoretical and Applied Informatics.
    Problems of theoretical and applied informatics, problems of information and control systems intellectualization, the theory of pattern recognition, algorithms and methods for controlling mechatronic systems, theoretical foundations for ensuring information security will be discussed.

WORKING LANGUAGES: Russian and English.

The collection of abstracts of the V-th International Scientific Conference “Non-local boundary value problems and related problems of mathematical biology, informatics, and physics” are expected to be published by the beginning of the conference.

Plans are made for selecting articles based on the results obtained by full participants for publication in the journal “Itogi Nauki i Tekhniki. Seriya “Sovremennaya Matematika i ee Prilozheniya, Tematicheskie Obzory”. The above series are posted on the scientific portal Math-Net.Ru, the translated version is included in the international database Scopus.

The registration fee is 1500 rubles.